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Are you looking for the little fish symbols? Press MENU, down arrow to SONAR FEATURES and press ENT. Arrow to FISH SYMBOLS and press ENT. Rahul Vaidya Tera Intezar Mp3 Free Download. Press EXIT twice. Any significant return in the water will now show up as a fish symbol.

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Are you looking for the fish arches? You won't get any arches unless the boat is moving and of course there are fish passing within the transducers signal. The shallower the water, the less area you are covering and less likely to get a fish return.

There is an OK guide to understanding what you see on the sonar screen at the link below. It if pretty technical but parts of it may help you out. An X96 owners manual can be downloaded from Jul 11, 2009 .

Sonar Fish Finder Df48 Manual Electronic Paget Sonar Fish Finder Model DF48 for lake fishing in boat in fish finder in what looks to be working condition, seems complete. Tronic Sonar Fish Finder Df48 Manual. GELATIERA TRONIC SONAR FISH FINDER DF48 SUZUKI UH 125 S WHIRLPOOL GT. Greco Serial Number Checker on this page. Download Full Free Download Victory Board Manual Tronic Df48 Sonar Fish Finder Manual. Owner's manual, instructions book, user's guide, service manual.

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