Program Script For 60th Birthday

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Decide on your decoration. We grabbed movie posters from Google images (we chose the ones with higher resolution), replaced the face of the actors with that of my Tatay's. We had these printed in tarpaulins.

Birthday Party Program Script

We hung them around the venue. Tatay and him as King Arthur This was a blessing in disguise. We had a booboo because we printed a whole batch of invites without an indicated time.

Sample Program Script For 60th Birthday PartyProgram Script For 60th Birthday

60th Birthday - Ideas and Preparations. If you are going to hold a surprise 60th birthday party for your father. Prepare a program. 60th birthday emcee script, how to have a good script? Emcee script for 60th bday of my aunt, we wanted to surprise her.we will be giving her a small party and im gonna be the emcee Post to Facebook. Program Script Sample for Birthday - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Sample Script. 60th Birthday Program Concept.

Instead of throwing these, we just cutout the face of Tatay and glued these to barbecue sticks which we wrapped with ribbons. Average Height And Weight Of Nascar Driver. We made these as table accents.

They turned out pretty neat. Give the book (Grill the celebrant) g. Ask some guests to give a message h. Ask the celebrant for his thank you message i. Start the videoke session 8.

Special Mention: Book Tribute On top of the surprise birthday lunch, we did a tribute through a DIY book tribute. We interviewed people close to my Tatay (his mom, siblings, kids, officemates), transcribed the interviews, collated relevant photos and made a photo book layout in Photoshop.

We had this printed in LBC's Digiprint and gave this to Tatay on his big day. Presenting his book My page on the book.