Llama Firearms Serial Numbers

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Stoger as a firearms importer went out of buisness long ago, The name is used today by a publishing company. The LLAMA-GABILONDO Y CIA VIORIA(ESPANA) a was used on current production firearms before LLama itself went out of buisness The last production of LLAMA handguns was by Bersa out of Argentina If you do a Google search of Stoeger and read the Wikipedia entry on the company and do the same for Llama you can get a general idea of the DOM. Download Video Ultraman Ginga Sub Indo. For pistols built before 1936 the mmarking would be: Gabilondo Y Cia Eloeibar(Espana) Cal 9MM/.380IN Llama For post 1936 production Llama Gabilondo Y Cia Eloeibar(Espana) Cal 9mm.380 The best source of data would a for a fee service run by the Blue Book of Gun valuses run it thru www.bluebookinc.com.

Jan 03, 2018  All Spanish guns since ~1928 have a date code on them. On a Llama it is usually on the left side of the frame just above the trigger guard. On that pistol it will probably be a letter followed by a number, with an * between. Llama serial. My serial number on why llama is 79 101 how can I find out what year it was made. Join us to discuss firearms of all kinds. View this discussion about LLama.380 year? In the Numrich Gun Parts. I am trying to find out the year on a recently purchased Llama. Cara Download Camfrog Pro Secara Gratis. 380. The serial number is.

Llama Firearms Serial NumbersLlama Firearms Serial NumbersSpanish Pistol Date Codes