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Contents • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] The film opens with a, in which a person is being taken to a hospital and the doctor later reporting that the person's condition will be known only after sometime. The scene then shifts a few months back. Enter Kathirvelan aka Kathir (), a -based owner who is a devout and devotee of since the age of five. Due to his devotion for Lord Maruti, he does not show any interest in women. One day, while returning from a Sri Anjaneya temple, he sees his elder sister, Vineethra () crying outside his house after his father () refused to take her in, having disowned her for eloping with a -based mill owner Shanmugham () against his wishes.

Vineethra, however, now has issues with Shanmugham, as a result of which, she left him and returned to her father's house. On Kathir's cajoling, his father reluctantly accepts Vineethra into the house. Kathir then decides to find out what caused the standoff between Vineethra and Shanmugham and leaves for Coimbatore, lying to his father that he is headed for to do some work related to his minibus business. Before leaving, he is warned by Vineethra not to fall for Shanmugham's neighbor, Pavithra (), as her father and Shanmugham are sworn enemies. In Coimbatore, Kathir successfully manages to resolve the conflict between Vineethra and Shanmugham, with Vineethra returning to Coimbatore eventually. He, however, does not return to Madurai immediately, staying back in Coimbatore after noticing Pavithra and falling in love with her, despite Vineethra's warning and his devotion to Lord. Determined to win Pavithra's heart, he takes the help of his college friend Mayilvaganam aka Mayil (), who is a medical doctor, finds out that Pavithra is working as a manager in a showroom.

The duo go there so that Kathir can speak to Pavithra, but end up creating a scene, forcing Pavithra to throw both of them out. After Pavithra notices Kathir constantly following her, she confronts him and threatens to take him to the police, which increases the friction between them.

However, when Pavithra finds out how Kathir had saved Vineethra's marriage, she forgives him and becomes his friend, but later reveals that she is in love with a businessman, Gautham (), which breaks Kathir's heart. To add to Kathir's woes, Shanmugham finds out that he is in love with Pavithra, and kicks him out of his house for showing interest in his enemy's daughter. Meanwhile, back in Madurai, his father too disowns him after finding out that he had not gone to Salem after all.

Without a place to stay now, Kathir moves into Mayil's home. Kathir soon finds out that Pavithra's boyfriend Gautham is a womanizer, planning to dump Pavithra after having a with her at his friend's upcoming marriage in. He tells her about this, but she rubbishes his claims and admonishes him for still hitting on her. However, she soon realizes the truth about Gautham after he attempts to kiss her in his car causing her to dump him. She and Kathir reconcile, but she now realizes that she has feelings for Kathir. With the help of Mayil and Pavithra's friend (Kala Kalyani), who Mayil has fallen in love with, they soon express their feelings for one another. Download Lagu Acha Septiasah Sampai Menutup Mata.

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Tamil Movie Mp3 Songs Free Download StarmusiqIdhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Tamil Movie Mp3 Songs Free Download StarmusiqIdhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Tamil Movie Mp3 Songs Free Download StarmusiqIdhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Tamil Movie Mp3 Songs Free Download Starmusiq