Black Cat Model Bc2500 Air Compressor Manual

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Tricam International Bc2500 PartsBlack Cat Air Compressor Model Bc 2500 PartsBlack Cat Model Bc2500 Air Compressor Manual

Black Box Air Compressor Manuals. I would like a Black Decker variable speed Jigsaw model. Looking for a manual for a Dayton 16 5 speed floor model. Get a great deal with this online auction for an air compressor by Property Room on behalf of law enforcement or public agency client. Black Cat Air Compressor Model: BC2500 120 V 60 Hz 8 A 6.

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Black Cat Model Bc2500 Air Compressor Manual

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Ron: You have an air leak somewhere. I use a pump-spray bottle with a soap and water solution while the compressor is running. Spray the soap solution on each end of the copper tube leading from the compressor motor to the air tank and look for bubbles. Correct any bad connections (tighten and/or replace any packings) Spray each hose coupler with the solution and look for bubbles.

If there are no leaks, you may have to remove the cylinder head and check the valves in the valve body between the cylinder head and the cylinder. You will need to buy replacement gaskets if you remove the head from the cylinder. Posted on Jan 24, 2016. • 1 Answer SOURCE: You can inspect the check valve by removing it and pulling on the small plastic pin sticking out of the middle of the tank side. It should spring back under fairly light tension. Also visually inspect and clean out with a dry q-tip the brass screen on the inlet site.

Seal back with ribbon dope. Download Game Psp Untuk Ppsspp. If this looks ok, remove the 4 bolts holding the head on. Keep all of the sandwiched plates together in order so they go back in easliy. The cylinder sleeve will come off with this stack.

Look at the plastic surround on the piston and the inside of the cylinder. In my case, this was eaten up from too many hot summers and cold winters in the garage. The rubber/plastic had hardened and eaten part of itself away. To replace the entire piston assembly on the WL651004AJ, you'll need to get part number WL211000AJ, which in some books is superseded by WL211000SJ. If the cylinder is scored (meaning that by scraping your fingernail against the lines in it, you catch the nail) then you're probably better off replacing the whole cylinder unit.

Posted on Oct 02, 2011. You can 't run it on 220, but if you take only one of the 220 black wires and attach it to the black on the compressor you are feeding it 110. The problem will be that you have no neutral wire so you 'd have to use the ground of the 220 lead (green) as the neutral on the compressor (white). It 'll run fine but it 's not the right way and it can be a hazard. The white wire is neutral which is basically a ground wire from the electric company, the green is the ground wire in your building and it 's there for safety so using it to power things is dangerous and probably illegal.

I 've done it in a pinch, but wouldn 't do it if at all avoidable. You may be able to get a transformer but you 're probably better off running a 110 circuit or getting a 220 compressor. If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at Jul 29, 2014 . There is a problem with your pressure switch. You should have a little black box with a red lever to turn your air compressor on and off.

This housing contains your pressure switch, the pressure switch sends an electrical signal to the switch to make your air compressor run. When enough pressure builds up the pressure switch activates, and breaks the signal until the pressure drops below a certain point.

I will do some more research on your compressor and find out which pressure switch you need to order. I need you to find any numbers on the compressor you can, serial number, model, stock number, anything you can to help me find the part number. Thank you for patience, Calvin Smith Nov 19, 2011 . Hi Sound like your pressure switch is faulty or maybe a faulty motor but: Here are a few things to check, you may have already checked some of these. Electricity.Compressors will run best with full 115Vot 15AMP/Or 220V electrical supply from a circuit, over the shortest electrical cord as possible.

Air Leaks.Place your ear close to the compressor and listen for air leaking, if you hear air that is not normal and means you have to locate and repair whatever it is that is leaking. Check the air unloader valve. The air unloader valve will blown out air when you turned off the compressor, that is normal. But it should not have air leaking out of it all of the time. If so then it is faulty and in need of repair/replacement.

Valves.If either the intake or exaust valves fail, breaks, or fails to seat, then your compressor will run 24 hours a day and never build up to the correct pressure for shut-off. Gaskets.Check to see if your gaskets have failed. You could have a gasket failure between the pistons and you will never know it because it shows no external air leak. If this situation happens then the air will only cycle between cylinders and never build up the correct air pressure. One way to check the gasket is remove the air filter, then put your hand over the intake. If correct then it will **** you hand against the intake. If the valve or valves have failed then you will feel the air sucking in and blowing out.